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Swallow, Speech and Hearing Clinic

in South Bengaluru

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Insight Rehabilitation

VitalStim Therapy

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, a treatment modality for dysphagia with exercise or action based treatment strategies.

FEES - Flexible Endoscopic Swallow Evaluation

A hawk-eye view of swallowing in your throat to see where and how the food enters when you swallow. 

Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn hearing screenig is mandatory for all the neonates before they are discharged from the hospital. If it can be detected early, it can be corrected early. 

Our Services

We have just what you are looking for!

Hearing Testing

Assessment of hearing is an important aspect before a solution is provided. It can range from simple pure tone audiometry to complex speech perception in noise. 

Speech-Language Assessment

Assessment of life-long speech-language development and execution skills helps us understand one's ability to communicate effectively.  


Tympanometry gives insight into the function of the middle ear which may hinder the over all hearing. It is mostly reversible. 

We are back in business. Bigger and better. We are a team of highly skilled deglutologists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and innovators. In addition to our clinical services, academic and research activities.  

Our Creative Founders.

Well known for her influence on Instagram in the early child development domain, Sweta Uttakalika is highly trained and dedicated SLT who has a passion of wholistic approach towards children with special needs.

Sweta Uttakalika

Sr. Speech-Language Therapist

With an immense experience in neurodeglutology, Bhaskar Dey has attained professional competence in endoscopic evaluation & rehabiltation of dysphagia in neurological disorders. He is also a trainer for FEES @ SLPQuest. 

Bhaskar Dey

Visiting Consultant 

Founder of Insight Rehabilitation & SLPQuest, Prasanna Hegde has an immense experience in Deglutology &  Speech Language Pathology. He primarily serves as the Clinical Lead in HCG Hospital.  

Prasanna Hegde

Visiting consultant

Tel. 9686497627

No. 288, 3nd Floor, Tippasandra Rd, Anjanapura Main Rd Narayan Nagar, Stage-1, Doddakallasandra, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062

nsight Rehabilitation

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